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Searching For Good Examples Of College Research Papers

Here are some of the things that make a good college research paper:

  1. The Topic is Highly Relevant
  2. A research paper is only good if it is liked by its readers. That is why a topic or subject matter that resonates with its readers plays a huge role in its success. A topic gains its relevance by several methods. It can be relevant because it is about a current hot issue. It can be important because it is research that has never been done before. It can be desirable because it pushes the boundaries of creativity and imagination. Or it could simply be so controversial, it catches everyone’s attention.

  3. The Paper is Well Written
  4. Another highly important aspect is the writing ability of the author. The research may be astonishingly good but if it is not written in a way which is coherent or logical to a reader, no one will understand it and it will thus be a failure. The sentence structure should be precise. The spelling and grammar should be top notch and the paragraphs should flow from one another. The writing is, therefore, as important as the research itself.

  5. The Research Stands the Test of Scrutiny
  6. It is well and good to have a great topic or subject area and excellent writing skills but what is most important is the ability to conduct original research that will stand up to scrutiny. That is why it is important that the data gathering process needs to is clean and precise. The main theory is extremely sound. The testing is theoretically and qualitatively beyond reproach. And the conclusions drawn are coherent and concise.

Given this caricature of a great research paper, it is easy to start looking for one in the following ways:

The first place that you should look at is your college library. Well stocked college libraries usually have great collections of renowned works of respected researchers. They also have archives of works of previous students. Know your relevant subject area and you will find dozens of examples of great research papers.

You can also search online for great examples. As always, be careful of what source you trust on the internet. Beware of scams. Websites of famous universities are great places to find examples of excellent research work. Similarly, professional writing services place good examples of works on their websites as a marketing tool. Access to their main site may be pay only but you can make do with some good example papers.