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Tips And Ideas For Writing A Research Paper On Young Goodman Brown

Picking your topic is the first step to any writing assignment. Make sure it is a topic in which you are significantly interested, or at least something that can sustain your interest for the duration of your paper. If you are assigned a Young Goodman Brown topic paper, then this part of the process is done for you already.

  • After this it is important that you gather supporting materials for your information. You need to be able to back up any claim that you make with statistics, quotes, theories, evidence, and examples. You want to include the evidence you were going to use in your outline. This will help you to visualize what areas lacked sufficient evidence and what areas are ready to be written.
  • It is important that you write down page numbers and bibliographic information from any evidence or data that you were including in your outline. If you have the information in your outline, as you were writing your paper and finishing off your reference page you can simply turn to the outline to find the bibliographic information.
  • When you are writing your paper you have to decide what order you want to present your evidence in such that it makes the most convincing argument. One way you can do this to have an outline. The outline gives you a tangible manner through which to see different orders for your arguments and different placements. You can play around with the different presentations, and different evidence structures that you want percent. You might want to place your arguments in order of strongest weakest, chronologically, or were organize them by theme. Being able to use an outline will give you the chance to see how each of these formats would look and feel. Then you can determine which one you want to use for your final paper.
  • You want to consider the larger purpose of your work as well as the nature of the evidence you have to determine how best to break up your larger topics and smaller topics. You might have main categories in mind but you need to break them down into logical categories. Each category will then transform into a unique paragraph. So for a five paragraph essay you would have three main categories each of which would be one of your three main paragraphs.