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Selecting American History Research Paper Topics

American History may not be as ancient as the Greek or Chinese History; but it has seen too many glowering incidents in the last 240 years to command attention. This has also led to startling research works on different segments of its history.

A rich choice

The streams are so variegated that it is actually an effort to select the perfect topic. You may be prejudicially drawn towards a particular topic; say racism, if your forefathers have been subjected to it. You may also feel an embarrassment of riches.

The 18th Century

You may settle into the late 18th Century and find out the works of Washington and Jefferson as also the Independence Charter of 1777. You may get into the abolition phase; overseen by the legendary Lincoln. You can address the Civil War or the period of Industrial Revolution.

The social perspective

You can compare the activities and contributions of different Presidents. You can assert the main reasons behind the creation of states and the socio-economic differences it brought on. You can also smoothly proceed to the 20th century.

The multiple wars

The 20th Century hosted two World Wars, The Cold War and the Vietnam War. It also hosted the Great Depression and the slow escalation of USA into a superpower. You can get into the travails of Nixon’s Watergate scandal or the oil war with Kuwait.

Emphasis on terrorism

The current century began with the intimidating 9/11 incident, which may be the prime occurrence of the entire century when it finishes. It also opened up a new perspective over terrorism and how USA started taking more notice of the Middle East crisis.

Here are 10 American History research topics for your convenience –

  1. Bifurcate USA’s attention towards agricultural and industrial growths and how they managed to help the country evolve
  2. Shed light on the contribution of black leaders during the dodgy period of reconstruction
  3. Did USA actually benefit from the theories of exceptionalism and isolationism?
  4. Compare and contrast the activities and contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
  5. Was the 9/11 twin tower attack a salient byproduct of the Cold War?
  6. Expand on the Great Depression and how FDR’s New Deal changed the dynamics
  7. Is USA justified in bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  8. Has USA been embroiled in too many useless struggles just to assert its dominance?
  9. Illuminate on USA’s economic growth and the factors that have made it convenient
  10. Compare the growth of USA with Australia; both erstwhile British colonies