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Top 10 Potential Term Paper Topics To Write About

If you need to impress your teachers and peers with your term paper, you will have to come up with an interesting and original topic. It’s not an easy thing to do, as the vast majority of good ideas seem to have been exploited by hundreds of other students.

The following list offers some prompts that can stir your imagination in the right direction, and help you create a paper that will truly make a lasting impression on your audience:

  1. Methods of communication in Harry Potter.
  2. Analyze the tools used by the characters of this universe for communication. Can some of them be adapted to a world without magic? How would the story change if the characters used cell-phones and the Internet?

  3. Body language and workplace ethics.
  4. Should there be a separate set of regulations regarding what body language is acceptable in a workplace environment? What kind of rules can you suggest?

  5. The role of the black market in the international economy.
  6. Will the economy, as we know it, collapse without the black market? Is it even possible to eliminate it completely?

  7. Feminism in the modern era.
  8. Choose a country, and trace the history of the feminist movement there. What kinds of changes were the women able to achieve? What else needs to be done?

  9. Age difference in relationships.
  10. What is the acceptable age difference in a romantic relationship? Why do you think it is this way? Analyze the “standard creepiness rule” and share your thoughts about this particular concept.

  11. The effect of social media on children’s abilities to socialize.
  12. If social media and the Internet make communication easier, why does the number of children who struggle to socialize with their peers grow bigger by the year? What is the difference between online chatting and real-life socialization?

  13. Workaholism in today’s society.
  14. Why do some people lose themselves in their work? Can this situation be changed? What kind of consequences can this behavior lead to?

  15. How to cope with survivor’s guilt.
  16. Why does this feeling occur? Are there any reasonable grounds for a person feeling guilty for surviving a tragedy? What are the most efficient methods of treating this condition?

  17. Being a stay-at-home dad.
  18. How does society perceive stay-at-home fathers? Why does the number of men who choose to take this route in life grow? How does this affect family dynamics?

  19. The consequences of media censorship.
  20. Does censorship really protect the people? Will they grow too sheltered and, therefore, become more vulnerable if denied information?