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Biology Research Paper Writing: APA Style Guidelines

When you are given a biology research paper to write there are some guidelines that you need to pay attention to. Through the set guidelines you will be in a very good position to make sure that by the time you hand in your paper, you are looking at one of the best papers you have ever done so far.

A lot of students often lose marks because they do not pay attention to simple tips like the citation guidelines that they have been given with their papers. These are instructions that you must pay attention to all the time. Citing resources in APA will not only make your paper stand out, but will also make your teacher appreciate the work that you have been doing.

In the event that you do not know the first thing about APA style, you can get assistance from this website. Lots of students have used this in the past and they are very happy with their results therefrom. The following are some of the things that you will come to learn from this site. If you use them well, you will never have to struggle with APA again.

  • How to write the title
  • Formatting in text citations
  • Formatting for reference section

How to write the title

Most students do not know how to write the appropriate title for their work. This is an important thing that you should not forget. According to the guidelines that are acceptable worldwide, you should be able to learn the font size that is acceptable for the title.

Unless your teachers request otherwise, your title must be in capital letters, and should be aligned to the center.

Formatting in text citations

Citations that are done within the body of your work must be done appropriately. When you do this, you will only use the last name of the author, and the year within which the book was published. For two authors, the same applies, and you should have something like (Proctor and Spencer, 2014).

Formatting for reference section

Once you have done the referencing within the text, you should then move on to referencing for the bibliography section. In this case you will only use the last name of the author, and the initials to the rest of their names.

For this and more information on how to use the APA style for your paper, read on.