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How To Write A Strong Research Paper About Windows 7

Writing a research paper is never easy, but computer science is a fairly difficult subject to grasp. Once the student adequately understands what they are going to write about, they still have to figure out how to explain it to others. Students should take extra time researching their topic. Extra research will help the student to grasp information better. They may not actually need to have the research on Windows 7 later, but it will still help the student to contextualize all of the information.

Selecting a Windows 7 Topic

The initial thing that the student needs to do is pick a topic about Windows 7. Unless the teacher tells the student to, they should never write about just Windows 7. Instead, students should narrow down their subject area. The student may want to write about the history of Windows 7, or they could write about how it differs from the previous version of windows. Different features on Windows 7 like the calligraphy fonts could actually be the topic of entire papers. No matter what the student chooses to write about, they should make it unique. An original, unusual essay is more likely to catch the teacher's eye and get a good grade.

Track Research Carefully

Each research paper is only as good as its research. To get a good score, students must make sure that they have included all of the sources that they used. Students can make this a little easier by tracking sources as they do the research. With a pile of note cards, students should write down the bibliographical information for every source that they use. On the back of the card or on subsequent cards, they can include the quote and page number of the information that they want to cite. By carefully tracking and including all of this information, students can reduce the amount of time that it takes to make a bibliography.

Editing the Document

Like any essay, a Windows 7 assignment will need to be thoroughly edited and proofread. Students should read their writing line-by-line and look for awkward phrasing. They should use online editing software to look for errors and plagiarism detection software to make sure that they did not unintentionally copy a source's ideas. For an extra precaution, students should get a friend, teacher or tutor to edit their essay as well. Getting the extra help on editing can ultimately be the difference between getting an A + or a B- on a paper.