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Where To Go Looking For A Good Example Of A Research Paper Summary

Writing a research paper can be a difficult undertaking. There are so many steps involved it is easy to become overwhelmed. The summary is the last step when writing a paper and it is an introduction to the paper itself. Even though the summary is the last thing you will write for your project, it is the first thing your teacher will read. It is very important to write a gripping summary. Sometimes it can make the project less stressful when you have a good example to guide you.

Finding a Good Example

  • Most times, it is the easiest to find a summary example by performing a web search. Using the search terms “research paper summary example”, will bring you to some excellent examples.
  • Universities will post examples and tips online for everyone’s use. This can be invaluable to your writing process. These examples are usually in printout form, and professors from the school write them for their classes.
  • If your school has an online library database, you can also find good examples there. The online database will have professionally written research papers. These papers will have a summary. This is the best example you can find online because it comes from a professional.

What to Look for in an Example

A good example of a research paper summary will contain certain things. When you are looking for an example, you should look for the necessary components of a summary. This will help you learn to do it yourself.

  • You should check for the key terms of the paper. A good summary will restate the thesis of the paper.
  • You should look for at least four points listed in the summary. These points come directly from the paper.
  • There should be at least three things listed that you will learn from the research paper. They may be statistics or just facts named in the paper.
  • A good summary will be a condensed version of the paper, restated in different words.

Knowing where to go and look for a good example of a research paper summary, and what to look for, will help you immensely. Examples provide the best assistance when learning how to do something yourself. Knowing what to look for in an example will also help you. If you can identify the necessary components, then you can recreate them in your summary.