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Creating An Academic Cheating Research Paper: Tips And Tricks

Academic cheating or dishonesty is common among students of all grades despite of the fact that it is illegal and unethical. You can group this behavior into a number of different categories based on the usage and effect. A person who cheats should keep in mind that he is not only betraying the teacher but also himself because he is not actually worth of the grade or marks he will score with such help. You may be able to pass one exam or a few with academic cheating, but it will always be harmful for you in the longer run when you actually enter your practical life. If you are to write a research paper on this topic, then you can consider many different aspects. Try remembering the following tips and tricks to help you create a better paper

Don’t pick a common topic

When you think of academic dishonesty, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is bad and it should not happen. However, you have to understand that every student will be thinking the same and many before you would have talked about it already. You should try to explore a different aspect. I am not saying that you write in favor of the topic (even though you can provided enough evidence) but you should try to think of something different like the causes, effects, reasons, nurture, culture, media, and other factors. You should delete the first five ideas that come to your mind about this subject

Try gathering enough evidence

You should know that whatever stance you pick for your paper, it is important to have enough supporting evidence to prove it. If you cannot support your stance with strong evidence including facts and logic, you cannot create an impressive paper. Gather all the necessary and relevant data you need for the paper

Stay focused

Develop a search methodology and do not feel lost among various resources and tons of information. Always have a plan for data collection and analysis to save your time and efforts

Perform experimentation

You can do this to improve the authentication and reliability of your work. You can perform group studies or carry out surveys to fetch first-hand information for your paper

You should also keep the following in mind while writing your paper

  • Evaluate
  • Stick to the instructions
  • Be meaningful and precise
  • Edit and proofread