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12 Amazing Term Paper Topics for Students

Introduction: Don’t Start Until You’re Excited About Your Idea

Term papers are easy to knock out of the park when you have the perfect topic. I won’t even begin a paper until I have the perfect topic for my essay or research paper. In fact, the secret is to pick a topic you know a little about but would like to read more about via research. For example, do you like animals? Then think about something interesting related to say—your favorite animal—if it’s dolphins, there are ways you could write about dolphins in virtually any discipline—any class.

For example, Dolphin Biology for biology, “What’s Interesting about Dolphins to Me,” or an argumentative essay about what we can do to ensure our environment remains healthy enough to enjoy such animals for English class.

How to Come Up With a Great Topic

Think about everything you like to muse about when you are in a wondering mood. Think about nature shows that have captivated you, books you have read – think about those moments in books that held you in thrall – what were they about. And if you have a strong love for music, you can write a music history of recent rap, 80s rap, 90s rap or Rap and Eminem—as long as you stay with something you’re excited about. Why do you have to be excited about it? Well, you cannot write a truly great essay without embracing your topic can you?

Great Topics to Muse About for Your Next Term Paper

  1. Can a Polar Bear Eat Without Glaciers: How Long Will They Be Around if We Don’t Act Now (now you can craft this topic to sound less argumentative)
  2. The Imagination/Brains of Animals: What are Our Smartest Creatures and How Does This Change Our View of Animals?
  3. School Uniforms are Good/Bad for Students / Academia
  4. Have You Seen the Salaries for Pro Ball Players: Why Do they Get To Tip The Scales?
  5. Should College Athletes Be Paid Like Pro Athletes – or Are They Already?
  6. Should We Do Anything About Airport Scans
  7. How Photo Modification is Bad For Female/Young Women’s Self Esteem and Self Worth
  8. Should There Be A Pound Minimum for Models on the Cover of Magazines?
  9. Identity Theft: What Are The Best Ways to Protect Ourselves Today?
  10. Cyber Bullying: What Do We Do?