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Composing A Good Abstract For A Business Management Term Paper

An abstract is an important part of any paper, but for many students it can be a challenge because they aren’t used to writing them, because they aren’t required for every paper. The principles of writing a successful abstract are fairly uniform across academic disciplines, though they are a bit different for the sciences. Follow these tips suggested by WriteMyPaper123 for creating one for your business management term paper.

  • Summarize key points
  • The basic function of any abstract is to summarize the contents of the paper. The key to doing this successfully is to pick out the most important points in your paper. What these are will depend on what the topic you’ve chosen for your business management term paper is. For instance, if you are comparing and contrasting two topics, your key points will be those comparisons. If you are outlining a business management strategy, you will want to present the main components of that strategy. By sticking only to the most important points, your abstract will be more concise: it will fit the expected length, and still give a comprehensive overview of the paper.

  • State your research topic and thesis statement
  • Your term paper should have a thesis statement or work to answer a research question. Be sure to include this in your abstract. Typically, your thesis statement should come toward the beginning of the abstract, just as it would be found at the beginning of the paper in the introduction. Your thesis statement should be easily identifiable in both the abstract and paper, so make sure it is clear.

  • Make it compelling
  • While your term paper’s abstract isn’t the same thing as an introduction, you should think about trying to make it compelling like you would an introduction. In many cases, people will read a paper’s abstract in order to decide whether its worth their time to read the whole thing. So in addition to presenting the most pertinent information, you want to present an engaging and approachable tone to make the paper more appealing to potential readers.

  • Keep it brief
  • The exact length of the abstract may vary based on your professor’s specifications. In some cases abstracts are expected to be less than 500 words, and in others they are only limited to one page. Either way, make sure you keep your abstract brief—it should give the key points, but not elaborate on them too much, otherwise there won’t be any reason for anyone to read the whole paper.