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The Top 20 Great Ideas For Science Research Papers

If you are working on a science project, and you have to do a science research paper a few top ideas I can help you include:


  • Consider how to make plastic more biodegradable to help the environment.
  • Research ways how we could make the planet more energy efficient. For example, can Times Square switch to solar paneling?
  • Seek out ways and alternatives for everyone to solar power their homes.
  • Write about how we can encourage China to be more energy efficient as it relates to the omission of natural gasses.
  • Write about how we can create more plants and have more oxygen in the atmosphere to combat gaseous fumes.
  • Consider how we can seek alternative ways to create food that doesn't spoil such as the recent addition of apples that don't brown.
  • Find a way to host and have chickens that are not subjected to cruel conditions.
  • Consider ways that we can utilize and conserve rain and ice to ensure that areas with drought don't experience a loss while other regions have too much water.
  • Look at Robots and drones and ways that we can utilize them in our day-to-day lives.
  • Find ways to combat thyroid cancer and various lung diseases that people live with each day.
  • Think of alternative ways to offer vegetables and fruits in fast food to encourage kids to eat them.
  • Address why sea lions have been so prevalent in the Pacific. Are animals trying to tell us something as it relates to earthquakes and seismology?
  • Study various storms and why they're so prevalent in different areas like the Midwest.
  • Study the recent earthquake activity in the Pacific coast and figure out why there's a consistent increase in earthquakes.
  • Try to predict how storm systems, hurricanes, and tornadoes develop by using computers.
  • Come up with a way in which drones can alert people to storms that are coming in remote areas.
  • Come up with alternative sources to avoid carbon emissions.
  • Consider having schools switch over to solar panel to allow for energy efficiency.
  • Consider various types of robotics and computer technology to enable sign language.
  • Develop a translation device that people can wear and speak with other people in different languages.

While you focus on these top different topics, you may find something that can help you to write the best research paper for your science class. And who knows? You might be able to submit it to a national contest!