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How To Create A Powerful Conclusion For Your Research Paper

Concluding your research paper involves a unique understanding of the main idea behind the project. You may have a significant point or message you want the audience to take from it. You may want something to be remembered. The overall idea is to determine how to word this section in a compelling way that brings it into full circle with your introduction. Because some students feel this is a challenge to complete, it helps to remember a few elements your conclusion should have to make it compelling and powerful.

Provide a Thought Provoking Message You Want Readers to Remember

Wen reading written content some of the most memorable words come at the end of a text. This means this is what the writer wanted readers to be left with as they finish reading. You can do the same concept for your topic depending on the content. For some it may be something inspirational while others may want to input a call for action. Memorable details help close your conclusion when you provide enough information throughout the research paper for readers to make final judgment on the topic.

Restate Your Main Points and Ensure They Are Crystal Clear

Your main points are related to your thesis statement or hypothesis. This is reason why your paper was written in the first place. You can restate your main idea and a few supporting points depending on how long your conclusion needs to be. For some this may include comparing details that will be a part of the discussion. You want to help readers reach a conclusive conclusion on the subject with understanding and clarity. As you do this you will summarize your points with unique insight without adding new information.

Take Advantage of What Is Required for Your Conclusion

If you are required to have a lengthy conclusion that is longer than one paragraph us this to your advantage. You can provide more insight on main points mentioned while highlighting their significance on the subject matter. If you need additional inspiration find examples to read and study. Think about details that standout toward the end of the context. This can put your topic into perspective as to what you feel your conclusion needs to be outstanding. You can rewrite your conclusion if necessary to clarify details and reorganize content.