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Top 20 Unique Research Paper Topics For College Students

When writing a research paper, you should focus in on a specific topic, and when appropriate, as specific period of time, then ask a question about it. This can examine how one factor influences another, now whether an aspect of the topic has positive or negative effects, or how the topic might be different if some aspect of it were changed. It is easy to produce a research paper that is essentially as list of facts, but an excellent research paper will include some deeper analysis that enhances the readers’ understanding.

That being said, choosing a research paper topic can be the hardest part of the process. Use this list of possible topics as a place to start, and don’t be afraid to change them to fit your interests and the focus of the course.

  1. How do school abstinence programs vary geographically and how have they changed over the past 3 decades?
  2. In what ways is airport security a constitutional issue?
  3. What legal responsibilities do schools and universities have to protect student athletes against brain injuries?
  4. How has media portrayal of sexual assault on college campuses changed in the past 2 decades?
  5. Are there instances of hate crime legislation being used inappropriately?
  6. How can companies best protect themselves against cybercrimes and data hacking?
  7. What factors have influenced changes in divorce rates in the United States verses European countries?
  8. Should college athletes be allowed to unionize?
  9. How can nutrition labeling be changed to combat rising obesity rates?
  10. How can grocery stores be redesigned to promote healthy eating?
  11. What factors are contributing to the rise of food deserts in the United States?
  12. What infrastructure is necessary to decrease the number of Americans living in food deserts?
  13. What impacts are changes in school nutrition requirements having on the economics of school lunches?
  14. What lessons have been learned from pilot programs that require welfare recipients to be drug tested?
  15. What have been important historical turning points in American immigration policy?
  16. Is the UN Refugee program effective at improving the quality of life of displaces persons?
  17. Do states have the legal authority to ban raw milk?
  18. Do mining safety regulations conflict with environmental protection regulations?
  19. What do the most recent population rise projections mean for climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts?
  20. Historically, what have the most effective means for slowing population rise been?