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Where To Find An Appropriate Title Page Example For Your Term Paper

Frustratingly, sometimes the most stressful part of writing a term paper is sorting out all the paraphernalia after the main body of the text has been written. Sorting the bibliography, formatting references and writing the contents page is the most boring and annoying part of the paper. However, the most annoying thing is when you don’t know how to format properly and form the title page for your writing, because often, no one tells you how to do it. There are some brilliant places to find appropriate examples for you to make sure that you are doing the right thing when you are creating your title page.

  • University pages
  • Very often, universities will have their particular preferences for how to format and present title pages for term papers. It is best, therefore, to try and find an example from your university in order to follow the specifications listed there. Additionally, particular departments might list slightly different specifications from others, so remember to check these pages, too.

  • Other essays
  • There are plenty of free essays online that you can view and use as examples. Also, you can visit PaperWritingPros. By simply typing in the right search terms in an engine such as Google, Safari or Bing, you can find plenty of other essays, complete with title pages, for inspiration. However, just remember:

    1. Include your subject in the search terms. Physics, for instance, will have very different specifications from English.
    2. Include your level in the search terms. Different levels - graduate, postgraduate, etc. - can have different specifications.
    3. Check the quality of the essay! If the example you are looking at is of low quality, it might not be the best instance, and you might not what to take inspiration from it. Remember to make sure you are only looking at the very best essays.
  • Other students
  • Other students will often know exactly how frustrated you are feeling and may well be very happy to offer their experiences and give you examples of their past work. The benefit of asking other, older students is that they can be from exactly the same department as you and exactly the same university, where the specifications will almost certainly be exactly the same (unless they have changed between years). For this reason, try to ask a student who has only very recently completed their work with the university.