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A List Of Outstanding Business Research Paper Topics

Business professionals have to be good at writing. They use writing every day in e-mails, memos and presentations. With this in mind, many business programs require students to write research papers before they graduate. To get a good job after graduation, students must learn how to write a good research paper. Every essay starts with a topic, so the student will need to choose a main idea for their paper. To get the ideas flowing, students can consider some of the following business topics.

Topic Ideas for Business Majors

  1. What techniques are needed in a sales letter to ensure that it gets noticed?
  2. What are the benefits of using internal promotions instead of recruiting management staff externally?
  3. How has Walmart's supply chain ensured its continued success?
  4. What are some of the marketing lessons that can be learned from the iPad craze?
  5. How does Twitter actually earn money? Are social media sties strong profit earning vehicles?
  6. What are some ways of ordering a diagnostic audit report?
  7. Does word-of-mouth marketing still play a role in the modern business environment?
  8. Is business leadership an inherent trait or something that can be learned?
  9. How can government encourage the expansion of business?
  10. Should multinational businesses be required to pay taxes on their earnings abroad?
  11. Does connecting employee pay to their performance actually increase employee retention rates?
  12. Do business ethics hinder or help corporations?
  13. How do scandals among upper-level management harm a business?
  14. How can business leadership principles be used in practice?
  15. What are creditor's rights? Should it be easier to garnish wages?
  16. What are some techniques for the HR department to manage conflicts?
  17. What effect does collective bargaining have on the corporation and the employees?
  18. How can a business develop a healthy corporate culture?
  19. Should businesses strive to have diverse employees?
  20. Some companies try to recruit the friends and family of their employees. Is this an effective technique for finding good workers?
  21. What are some ways that business leaders can motivate their employees?
  22. How can a company set customer service standards to ensure customer satisfaction? What punishments and rewards should be used?
  23. What are the different motivation behind starting a business?
  24. Should employers outsource work to foreign countries?
  25. How can a company bring their core values and mission to life?
  26. Are whistle blowers beneficial to businesses or a necessary evil? Should whistle blowers be rewarded for calling out a corporation on a design flaw or other issue?