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Recommendations To Follow Searching For A Research Paper Proposal Sample

You are smart to read this article because there is no point in reinventing the wheel. Thousands have gone before you and presented successful proposals. With the availability of the internet and other resources it is easy to find samples for you to work with. The first step is: start now.

Look to College and University Writing Labs

Begin with your own school, of course. Make time for a session that will provide thorough information. It is not always as easy as copying a format. This option can also provide tips to help with pre-writing process as well to help focus your proposal and not waste time in development.

Try Writing Services

Many writing services keep a sample of their work on hand to submit to prospective clients. One or more may provide you a copy of previous work. If you have done the work and the format is all you need, maybe you could become a client.

A Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are very similar to the Writing Services, but with a more focused attention to the individual client. They are also required to submit prior experience when proposing for jobs so it may not be an inconvenience to share a sample.

Former Students

Most former students still feel your pain and would be willing to sit down with you and assist. Everyone’s time is valuable so make sure you have a focus to help them help you.

Online Sources Can Provide the Greatest Variety

Using your favorite search engine and selecting images will return a seemingly unlimited supply of images of completed proposals. Additional possibilities include:

  • College and University Websites. There are several highly credential schools that offer a variety of options and formats available for free. Again, they can offer assistance with pre-writing as well.
  • Free e-Books. Make sure that the author’s previous work was successful and not just putting something together to market other services.
  • Student journaling. Several student journals are available online and are quite helpful. The students write the steps they traveled from the beginning to the approval. Be patient, these are not easy to find, but are there.


I am quite sure that any conception of mankind has had a book written about it. The previous suggestions fit much better in a student’s budget, but if you can, it may be worth the money. This may lead to books that are available in a school or public library. There is no time to waste. This is not a project that can wait until the last minute. There is a lot riding on this proposal and you want to submit something that represents your commitment. Best of luck to you.