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Looking For A Plagiarism-Free Ethnographic Research Paper Sample

An Ethnographic paper is a social science study that relies on the research of a culture or subject group. It stems from one main question that then leads the rest of your findings. Ethnographic papers often follow one basic structure. But the paper itself requires a lot of research and time. Below are some quick tips on finding a plagiarism free paper sample that can help you along your way.

Top tips on locating a plagiarism free ethnographic research paper sample

  • Do not choose a random paper online. If you are looking for something plagiarism free, online may not be your best option. Reliable students and teachers have stopped sharing papers online due to plagiarism since students have started claiming samples as their own work and people are willing to sell papers to the highest bidders nowadays.
  • Do go and talk to your professor. Professors and teachers have become known for saving copies of their best past papers for study purposes. Although most are unwilling to part with these papers it is possible to study with your professor and understand the reasons why this chosen paper was so successful and therefore you can get some good tips for writing your own paper from there.
  • Use the right documenting techniques. There are a lot of papers written today that are plagiarized without people even knowing about it. If you know how to document correctly, you will avoid the extra hassle. Talk to your tutor about writing a correct works cited page and in- text documentation.
  • Teachers are trained to spot plagiarism in dissertations and papers. If you are using a sample paper, make sure you use a plagiarism, checker. Below are some top things teachers looking for when trying to identify plagiarism:
    • Changes in your writing style- remember your teacher knows how you normally write.
    • More than one font, color or size. Copy and pasting give students away a lot. If you copy and paste anything, it will show!
    • Shifts in tense. If it doesn’t sound like the work is from you, your teacher will check.
    • Just by checking Google, your teacher can find out whether or not your work is a straight copy and paste by doing the smallest bit on Google.

Use any samples as templates

If you are looking at using an ethnographic research paper sample, do it for guideline and template purposes. Do not plagiarize your work, it isn’t worth it! If your work is copied from another source your tutor will most likely find out so the best way to avoid this is by asking your tutor for a successful past paper you can use an example to get the ball rolling on your own piece of work.