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Choosing A Professional Research Paper Service: 5 Useful Tips

When you use a research writing service, you expect real professionals to deal with your paper. Unfortunately, this fast-growing market attracts lots of scammers and amateurs. Learn to filter them out with these quick tips.

  • Look at the service’s age.
  • Professionals come to this market to stay, and build long-term relationships with their customer. You might discover services that have existed for five, seven, or even fifteen years. These are generally more trustworthy than those aged under three. The very fact that the company has been around that long speaks of the quality of their writing and research.

  • Browse the Web for reviews.
  • Many clients of writing services would gladly share their experiences on the Web, especially if they strongly disliked something. Moreover, a number of bloggers and journalists do their own research, comparing different services as a “mysterious customer,” or even as an insider. If you have no particular research writing company in mind, these reviews can help you navigate the variety of offers. If you are considering one, hearing what other customers have to say about it would never hurt.

  • Look at the payment methods they use.
  • Professional research services pay great attention to the security of channels through which they receive money. As they work honestly and legally, it is no problem for them to pass any verification procedures required by reputable payment systems. Check whether this company has a business account with PayPal; this system is known to have some of the strongest verification barriers, almost impenetrable for a scammer.

  • Ask for writing samples.
  • As a customer, you have full right to see the samples of their writing before you order. If the website contains no free samples for you to assess the quality of writing, request them from the manager. If he or she refuses “for security reasons,” e. g. apprehensive that you might upload samples on the Web, this writing service is not a professional one. Professionals know how to protect the privacy and security of their customers and staff while still giving you what they want. For instance, they might provide you with samples of research writing all their writers are required to complete in the hiring process. As these texts were not written for customers and the writer’s name is not mentioned, no one’s privacy is violated.

  • Read the user agreement.
  • Presuming that all user agreements are the same is one of the most common – and dangerous – customer mistakes. Some research services include a paragraph according to which they can re-sell your paper, or transfer your personal data, to third parties. To avoid unpleasant surprises, read every agreement before signing it.