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Research Paper Ideas On Economics: 10 Current Questions To Explore

There are current topics in economics, especially those related to the global economy that would make outstanding ideas for your research paper. The following list will give you some insightful ideas to explore.

  1. What link exists between Hong Kong and China in regards to their future economic status and endeavors?
  2. What are the future possibilities and implications of a cashless economy?
  3. What ramifications does business face with the movement toward a work force built entirely on temporary workers?
  4. With the current privatization trends, discuss what is happening in Singapore with state enterprises?
  5. Does the relocation of franchises for the purpose of higher profits always make sense economically?
  6. Revising and modernizing socialism: is there a case in favor of practical market socialism?
  7. Many don’t agree with market socialism. What are the reasons there is so much dissent?
  8. Are there viable alternatives for economic analysis? Would this lead to what some cite as radical political economics?
  9. Global capitalism and the role of multinationals: what has happened in the last century?
  10. There are moral dilemmas and economic ethics that must be met: can we make globalization a good thing?

How to use the ideas above to create your own unique and compelling research paper topic:

  • Brainstorm all ideas relating to the general topic
  • Make a word web connecting main ideas to subtopics and sort them into categories
  • See how your ideas fit into a potential outline
  • Narrow the topic sufficiently so it can be adequately covered in the scope of your paper
  • Make sure your main idea isn’t too general or you will have more resource material than you can possibly use
  • Try making comparisons through the lens of time. How is your topic different today than it was a decade ago? Discuss what’s changed
  • Bounce your ideas off someone else to help you focus in on one major point
  • Read some current economics papers to give you an example of what’s expected
  • Is your topic interesting to you? Does it inspire passion?

As far as writing style goes, make sure you follow all the guidelines in the assignment. Choosing the best topic is only a part of the essential keys to a great essay. Doing adequate research, putting together your main points in a clear and concise manner, and writing a compelling introduction are also key factors to a great paper.