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A List Of Excellent Topics For High School Research Papers

In high school, you learn the tools that will help you succeed in college and the real world: one of those skills, much to the chagrin of many students, is the ability to research and write about a topic in a clear and coherent way. Whether or not you think you’ll ever have to use those skills after high school, there’s something to be gained from learning them in the first place! One of the toughest challenges students face when asked to write a research paper is figuring out what to write about in the first place. It should be something interesting, both to you and the reader. And, it should “matter”: pick a topic that has some real-world applications to current events or social issues. Browse through today’s newspaper or read some current events blogs to see what issues are being discussed right now. You also want to be original, though, and stand out, so don’t just pick the first issue you see! Choose something that will be interesting for you to write about, and that you think is unique.

One way to look at a research paper topic is to see it as a question. You start with a general question, like “do dogs feel regret when they do something bad?” Then, you set out looking for the answers to that question! In the end, you should have a solid answer, and be able to back it up with facts from your research. Here are some great questions to get you started when preparing to write a high school research paper:

  • Do standardized tests help or hurt students?
  • What are the effects of having divorced parents on a child’s marital success?
  • Is global warming a real concern? Should we pro-active about slowing it?
  • Do factory farms violate animals’ rights?
  • Is stem cell research immoral?
  • Can women perform equal to men in the military?
  • Has the Iraq war been good for the Iraqi people?
  • Is fake tanning really unhealthy for you?
  • Are tattoos becoming more socially acceptable?
  • Is gay marriage unconstitutional? Should it be up to the states or government to decide?
  • Did anyone “win” the Cold War?
  • Why is 21 the legal drinking age? Should it be lowered?
  • Is evolution a theory or a fact? Is there compelling evidence against evolution?
  • Does the death penalty deter crime?
  • Is the minimum wage sufficient for someone to live on? Should it be raised?