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13 Interesting Research Paper Topics In Genetics And Biology

When selecting a biology paper topic, it is advisable to pick a topic that is not only of your interest but you have ample knowledge on. However, it can also be helpful to know the kind of information that people are searching for so that you can be sure that people are going to read your work. This means that it can also be helpful to write on issues affecting people. There are several topics that you can choose for your paper. Here are a few of them that you can choose for your biology paper.

  1. Genetics and obesity. In this kind of topic, you will research whether there is an interconnection between obesity and genes. Are there people with certain kinds of genes that are more likely to suffer from obesity? If there are some, is there anything that can be done to prevent or treat the condition?
  2. How abortion affects future pregnancies. This is another interesting topic that you can choose for your biology paper. The topic can also prove to be enlightening to you.
  3. Homosexuality and genetics. While this topic may appear farfetched, there are various researches that are being carried on it. It can be quite interesting to uncover that there are genes that are responsible for homosexuality.
  4. Biological weapons. Is it possible to use diseases such as Ebola like biological weapons?
  5. How effective are alternative medicines? It can be interesting to uncover the scientific side of the herb and whether it works.
  6. Is there a relation between autism and vaccines in infants?
  7. How do birth control pills affect menstrual circles?
  8. Effects of the environment on cancer. Are there things in the environment that would cause cancer? Are there human activities that cause the development of cancerous cells?
  9. Origins of human beings
  10. Phobias. This will offer you deep insight into the human brain as you try to consider the causes of phobias and if there is a way that science can deal with them.
  11. Meningitis. This disease still puzzle many people to this is day and can be a good subject of further research.
  12. Nanotechnology. Research on the application, pros and cons of this technology.
  13. Hypnosis. Consider the biological angle to hypnosis

With any of these topics, you will not only have a good research paper topic but your will get insight into important information.