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Choosing A Unique Topic For A College Term Paper

Most students are bound to feel intimidated when time comes for them to choose a topic for their term papers. You shouldn’t be worried if it’s hard for you to find the right topic. If none of the ideas you have seem interesting or unique enough, try using these strategies:

  • Brainstorming.
  • This is the way most students get their ideas written down and seeing your idea on a paper might change your mind, or inspire a better, more unique topic. Brainstorming is especially effective when you know the general field you want to write about, but are unable to narrow the subject or make it unique. Remember that you may slightly change the topic later on, so focus on the ideas you like instead of how well it sounds.

  • Pre-research.
  • Try to scan your notes for topic ideas and suggestions. Pick your favorite textbook chapter for the subject, and read it over completely. Or even watch a few documentaries about the subject matter to get inspired.

  • Surf the web.
  • Read up on your field of study for inspiration. Visit relative blogs and message boards, read about the latest news about the field. Check out some recent discoveries that relate to the general subject matter.

    If you want to narrow your title down, search for your topic in any search engine and use the most unique results for inspiration.

Depending on your chosen topic and the scope of research you do, it is okay to spend many days and maybe weeks searching. Just remember that while you have all semester to write your term paper, it is best to start early on. Use these unique term paper topics for inspiration if you’re running out of time.

  1. How has E-Commerce changed the market for advertising?
  2. How is corporate ethics changing as our society progresses and personal ethics changes?
  3. Is outsourcing beneficial or damaging to the U.S. economy as a whole and why?
  4. Has the U.S. war on drugs created ethical justification for using illegal substances?
  5. What are the problems of the quickly increasing strictness of sexual harassment laws?
  6. What are the reasons for the increased use of paper mills by graduate school students?
  7. What are the treatment options for young children with ADHD?
  8. Why should alcohol stay a legal substance?
  9. How are standardized tests evaluated?
  10. How did Medicare/Medicaid reform change the average price of an annual check-up?